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Develop candle making home business projects

Develop candle making home business projects

How to work out your products for a candle making home business

One problem that all business owners face is to decide on the products that they should produce for a home business.

The larger the business the easier it is in some ways in that there are usually more outlets from which to get rid of slow selling products.

With a home business you are more restricted and also you dont want to spend a lot of money on something that may be a slow seller or not sell at all.

So how can you test your market?

A candle retailer has to think of style, color and burn. Because you dont want to have candles that dont burn well, I will leave that out at this stage because I am assuming you would not go ahead and try to market a candle that does not burn well. I am sure you would change the shape, the wick or whatever needs to be done to get the burn right before trying to market the product.

So as far as color is concerned you best bet would be to see what is selling in the candle shops. The shop assistants would give you information if asked in the right way, I am buying a gift for someone else to give to a friend so I dont know what color, what is your most popular candle by color?What about scent, which is the most popular?.

What this is going to tell you is what everyone is buying from the larger stores and it is not a bad idea to have some of your products in line with that as customers do get brainwashed into wanting those products.

But where is your point of difference?

To have a candle making home business you will most likely want to come up with some very different ideas and that will be great because as a hands-on operator you can create candles that may not be practical for a commercial business. You can create different embeds that others may not use, create color ranges that commercial businesses may not do and so forth.

Candle Party

Throw a candle party!

A good way to check these out would be to have a candle party at home every now and then. Invite people and get their opinions, even sell candles. It would be a good idea to get people there who are not even friends and also to get several generations to get a good cross section of opinion. Friends may not be honest enough with you. They may hold back their true opinion because they dont want to hurt your feelings.

These parties could be a great way to pamper your existing customers and give them the chance for a preview or make them feel special because they get your personal invite. Not only that, if they have bought before they obviously like what you do. They will help your candlemaking home business without even realising it.

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