Ideas For Kids Craft Projects

Ideas For Kids Craft Projects

How often have you been stretched to come up with kids school holiday activities that will keep them entertained and active and also allow you to have a bit of time out during the day.

One of the best school holiday kids ideas that I came up with was to use some plaster craft kits to help my children make some plaster of paris figures and shapes.

Using these craft kits was so much fun for all of us. Initially I did supervise the mixing of the plaster with water and the pouring of the mixture into the plaster molds. And, I admit I had to be around a bit to keep small hands away from the plaster of paris molds while the plaster set. But if your patient, you can make a whole batch of plaster shapes so that there are sufficient quantities for young and old to paint.

Once I fitted the kids out with one of my old shirts as an art smock and showed them how to use and clean the paint brushes, I left them too it. The kids craft idea was great, it kept them entertained for hours and I was able to get some uninterrupted time to go about doing the things I needed to get finished around the house and attend to a bit of business as well.

What I have found though, is that it is difficult to source good kids plaster craft kits and other ideas for craft from the normal retail stores. I have had to visit shop after shop in my effort to source the kids craft molds. This is a real challenge when the holidays are about to start and you have not got what you need. Especially if you have already promised that you are going to do this type of kids craft project and don’t want to them to be disappointed.

So my advice is to get a stock of interesting kids plaster craft kits and other craft activities before the school holidays start. Then, get involved with your kids with this really easy craft. You and they will have so much fun. You will experience long and meaningful conversations with your children and have an opportunity to really get to know them as they do something that they enjoy. And I’ll guarantee you won’t know where the day went. And best of all, you are sure to find some time for yourself while they happily create some kids ornaments and special shapes.

Have fun, and please feel free to communicate your experiences.

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