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Directions for Life Saver Snowman Pin

Directions for Life Saver Snowman Pin

I got the idea for this snowman a few years ago. I had a bag of lifesavers that I had on my craft table that had been there for a while. I do most of my crafting in the Summer and the lifesavers had been there for a while but were too hard to eat. I never like to throw anything away, so I started thinking what I could make out of them, and this is what I came up with.

Supplies Needed

  • 3 wintergreen lifesavers for each snowman (preferably old ones that are no longer edible)
  • e6000- silicone glue (water based glue will eat away the lifesaver)
  • Tinfoil
  • 5 buttons/beads for buttons- I use the ones you can find in the craft department at hobby lobby that are used for eyes.
  • Scraps of material for hat and scarf- great for leftover scraps
  • Small piece of string or floss to tie hat
  • Embellishments of choice- I added a flag charm to this snowman
  • 1 Pom-Pom for nose- Im sure of the size- Ive done larger pom-poms than this too and they look cute also
  • 1 bar pin back
  • Optional- very small twigs for arms


  1. Squeeze a small amount of e6000 glue onto tinfoil
  2. Dip edge of lifesaver into glue and then lay on the tinfoil until you have the three lifesavers glued together like a snowman. Let dry overnight. (If making several its best to glue them all now and then finish them another day.)
  3. Now peel the tinfoil off the back and assemble the rest of the snowman with the e6000. (eyes, twig arms, pom-poms, etc)
  4. Glue the hat fabric onto the lifesaver and then tie at the top with the string to make a hat
  5. Glue and then tie the scarf material around the neck.
  6. Let dry overnight
  7. Last step- turn over and glue on pin back- you can then pin the snowman onto some card stock for a nice presentation

I sold tons of these at craft shows for 2.95 each.

You have my permission to make these and sell them at craft shows or for personal use.

I will be posting instructions on how to make a handpainted snowman tile pin, snowman tree topper out of paint rollers, pumpkin pin, and more.

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