A Little About Me


NeedleworkHideAway.com is a blog for women’s interests including arts and crafts, cooking, and fashion. Here you can find a variety of different topics about hobbies that women like me love with a passion.

A Little About Me

I’m Amy Johnson, and I welcome you to my site! I have always adored cooking, sewing, making crafts, and basically anything creative. Trying new recipes and especially inventing new recipes myself is my favorite. I love to talk about eating and preparing food if you haven’t already noticed. You could definitely call me a foodie, but I would just say that I appreciate the craft of making food and especially eating it!

Fashion trends have always sparked my interest as well. Staying well-dressed is a virtue in my opinion. Check out some of my fashion tips to try out a few new styles!

Thanks for checking out my blog.

– Amy Johnson