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Make money selling homemade candles at craft shows

Make money selling homemade candles at craft shows

For a home based candle maker to make money selling at craft shows there are a few basics that need to be in place. I would not display my candles like the ones in the picture below. It would look much more attractive if there were half the candles were displayed with some space in between each grouping to show off each group to its maximum. This display just looks like it has been thrown together to get the candles out of the carrying boxes.

A good burn means repeat business

One of the most important aspects that make selling candes or any craft successful is that it must be of good quality. As far as candles are concerned the most important thing for repeat business is a good burn to the candle. This is not an obvious feature to the buyer at the show, but if you want repeat business then a good burn and a good scent throw, if you have scents in the candle, are important.

Candle colors

We all have our favorite colors when making crafts and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact if you are working with your favorite colors it is quite probable that those candles are the best looking ones because they will have your love and care going into them. All that is great, but again because you are selling candles, consideration needs to be given to the decor fashion colors all the rage at the time. It is by making candles to fit the new and modern decor that could make or break you.

One thing I learnt early in retail is that it is the people who are redecorating that have the money. If you get some of those as your clients your sales will be very good.

Candles for clients

I just mentioned in the previous paragraph that using decor colors is the way to go and it is for the home maker who wants decor matching accessories, but are they your clients? Either because you make way out candles, or you choose way out colors, your client base may not be the home decorator. Making for your client base is what will keep giving you repeat trade.

If you have found yourself a niche then go for it. People love to buy something that is different and if you have the ability to make something really outstanding, dont let anything stand in your way. Sometimes though, things that are totally different take a little while to take off, so follow this path with care.

See who is buying your candles, find out what they are looking for and develop a trade to suit those who make up the bulk of your customers. In saying that, dont totally ignore the others as they too can be good consistent clients.

Displaying your products

Yet another important aspect after all that candle making! Display your items with care, color co-ordinate, use accessories to give customers ideas as to how to use the candles at home and always keep an eye out for a different way to display your products so that it does not become boring.

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